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13 Feb 2019

You can update your website whenever you want but the case is not similar to the mobile apps. App store review process makes it complicated. 

Providing the frequent updates is the double-edged sword, maybe your users get annoyed and uninstall your app because for the updates. But maybe your users appreciate your efforts and new features. 

So the question is "how often you should update your mobile app?" The answer is simple whether you want to add features, bug fixes, and improve performance. Once the update-purpose is clear then updates become easier to schedule and deploy. But always define the purpose of update that builds trust with your customers. 

Here we are listing some common reasons to provide...

10 Jan 2019

In the rapidly changing world, students are very much attracted to use mobile phone. Actually, a smartphone gives access to a large number of information at the fingertips. Similarly, students are driven to get access to information instantly. Now they are not required to visit the library to access the information. Besides, a mobile phone can be used for numerous purpose. Actually, mobile apps have made our life easier in numbers of ways. The fact is every mobile app has got unique features and offers numbers of services. 

 In such scenarios, education industry is leveraging its complete strength. Actually, learning is a continuous process and eLearning is making it more easier for students. As the students are inclined...

22 Oct 2018
I hold a firm belief that every competitor, has something to teach you, however, it all depends on you, that how you take it.

This concept is the part of every business, and the app development is not an exception to this. There are multiple reasons behind it.

The moment you decide to get an app developed, there are various aspects, which have to be considered, like the selection of a right mobile app development agency, validation of your concept and your users’ requirements.

However, apart from these concepts, something which always matters most to your app’s success is the thorough research done about your competitors.

Yes, you heard me all correct!

You would be surprised to know that competitive analysis...