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13 Feb 2019

You can update your website whenever you want but the case is not similar to the mobile apps. App store review process makes it complicated. 

Providing the frequent updates is the double-edged sword, maybe your users get annoyed and uninstall your app because for the updates. But maybe your users appreciate your efforts and new features. 

So the question is "how often you should update your mobile app?" The answer is simple whether you want to add features, bug fixes, and improve performance. Once the update-purpose is clear then updates become easier to schedule and deploy. But always define the purpose of update that builds trust with your customers. 

Here we are listing some common reasons to provide...

20 Dec 2018

Content marketing isn't new. We have been practicing it for a very long time then the term existed. Content marketing is the important element of marketing. There is no goal that content marketing can’t gain.

Content marketing helps in creating the customer where the goals and preferences of the users meet the expectation through content.

Calling content the glue, a trigger of synergy in a customer-centric marketing, is not wrong.

Content creates value for the customer in the broadest sense, leading to gain goodwill for a business, when it is created as per the needs of the customers. Needless to say, content marketing helps in abundance for the digital marketing as well to enlarge the product’s value.